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Dr.Savira Pai

About Us

Dr. Savira Pai is a born and raised Jackson Heights, Queens native and proud of it. She loves the historic neighborhood which is rich in cultures. She graduated with honors from St.Johns University with a degree in English. Her part time job as a dental assistant close by the college gave her the inspiration to persue being an excellent dentist. She completed her Doctorate in Dental Surgery at Columbia University, and continued to solidify her skill set at a fast pace General Practice Residency at St.Barnabas Hospital.

Preventive Dentistry

People underestimate how important regular dental cleanings and exams are. They are actually two of the most important preventive treatments that we provide. We will perform a professional cleaning teeth cleaning and an exam in order to keep your smile healthy and disease free.

We clean your teeth using special instruments to remove plaque or tartar (aka calculus) which is the main cause of tooth decay and periodontal disease.

We use specialized instruments  to remove plaque and then polish your teeth so that you have a healthy bright smile. It is important to perform x-rays and examine your teeth for any signs of the disease or dental conditions at least twice a year.

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry is the practice of doing bondings/fillings for various reasons. Some of which are to repair broken teeth, treat teeth with spaces and gaps, fix cracked teeth, even teeth of varying lengths, protect exposed roots due to receding gums, and replace metal fillings.

Which means we do not use metal during dental restorations.

As a mercury free dentist, Dr. Pai understands that the unnatural color of metal can make your smile less aesthetically pleasing and can even be dangerous to your health. We use ceramic or porcelain materials when restoring your smile for natural-looking, safe results. Some patients have even decided to remove traditional metal fillings or other restorative devices for a more natural, whiter-looking smile. Mercury free dental procedures offer beautiful results that are safe, long-lasting, and effective at treating damaged, discolored, or unhealthy teeth.

Our Services

Crowns and Fixed Bridges

.When a tooth is cracked, and is no longer structurally sound or contains a large filling with decay underneath, the tooth can be repaired and strengthened using a porcelain crown. Crowns cover the tooth completely and, with modern materials and techniques, have a very realistic appearance. Crowns can whiten, reshape and realign existing teeth, adding to a bright, healthy smile.

A bridge in dentistry is exactly how it sounds with the two teeth as land a missing tooth as the water. We use experienced labs to make aesthetically pleasing results if you chose this option instead of doing an implant to replace the missing tooth.



Dental implants are titanium cylinders placed in the jawbone where original teeth are missing. These root-like cylinders are used to secure the replacement teeth in the jawbone and are as close as possible to having your natural teeth replaced when you lave lost teeth.


 Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. While an excellent solution for some patients who have lost teeth, ill-fitting dentures can result in sore spots in the mouth, dietary problems caused by the inability to chew food properly, a loss of enjoyment in eating and even changes in facial features.

Dr.Pai has the skill, aesthetic expertise, and technological savvy to ensure that your dentures are fitted for optimum functionality and appearance.

Root Canals

In the roots of a tooth are small canals containing nerves and blood vessels for the tooth ,which sometimes becomes infected and inflamed. This infection is usually due to tooth decay that give bacteria and other microorganisms access to the tissues of the root canals. In these cases, the infected tissue must be removed by a procedure known as endodontic therapy, commonly called a root canal. A tooth that has had a root canal procedure is usually stabilized and can be crowned, saving the tooth.

Oral Surgery

We provide a wide range of services because she seeks to give her patients optimal, comprehensive care. Realizing the results of one procedure can affect the success of subsequent procedures. As an example, unlike many dentists, extractions and other oral surgery procedures such as a biopsy, or an incision and drainage is offered to our patients.

What Our Patients Say

Chris chrischris

Thank you Dr. Pai for your excellent work and gentle hand. I’ve been searching for someone like you for quite some time. Looking forward to my next visit!

Joseph Akkara

Great dental office! It always hard to find a caring and trustworthy dentist but you get both with Dr Pai! Best dentist ever!!!

Ramon Talwar

Dr. Pai was super kind and knowledgeable. She answered all my questions and explained all my options thoroughly. Not really a huge fan of dental work but she put me at ease. With her background I am confident the work she’s done for me will last.

Anoop Mohan

Wow! Dr Pai is just amazing. She took the time to take me through my treatments in detail and charted a plan around my busy work schedule. Her work is painless and impeccable. I’m super happy!

Josh Fein

Smile Savvy Dental made going to the dentist fun. The work done was great and Dr. Pai was professional, fun spirited and a pleasure. I always get jumpy before going to a dentist but she made me relax and talked me through any of my anxieties. My teeth are Good again and I honestly look forward to going back to the dentist for my next visit in a couple of Months.


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We all know these are great foods for our health but did you know why the American Dental Association says


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